Customer Care


Where do I go to buy a second day pass once in the park?

Please visit one of the top up counters which are located both near the main entrance and the fantastic aqua playland area. Alternatively you can directly purchase a second day pass at the ticket counter.

Where do I rent a Gazebo/Cabana?

Gazebo rentals can be arranged at both locker counters located at the main entrance in addition to the Funtastic aqua playland area.

Is there a first aid in the park?

Yes there is, located behind the food court.

What if I lose a member of the family in the park?

Directly contact one of our staff who will lead you to either the guest services counter or the guest relations counter. From there, our operational staff will be alerted as well as having an announcement made on our loud speaker.

Is there a lost and found at Waterbom Bali?

Yes, all lost goods are brought to the guest relations counter which is located at the main entrance area.

What happens if I lose my splashband?

Even though every splash band needs name verification, we advise that you report the loss to one of our cashiers in order to block any further transaction.

Who do I contact if I want to buy tickets for a group?

Please click here to find out more about our Group packages and to contact a representative from the sales and reservations team. Additionally if there is any enquires about packages please contact us through