For our guest convenience and safety we provide you with a huge locker room to safeguard your valuables. To further enhance the ease of use, all of our lockers are now equipped with a keyless locking and opening mechanism by just scanning your splash band onto your respective locker. Lockers are also now available at the Kiddy area and Flowrider area.
To further enhance your experience at the park, we provide stylish Gazebos (Cabana) which are for rent on daily basis and already includes Safety Box for each Gazebo. Gazebos are a perfect asylum for you to relax and unwind with more privacy. If you rent a gazebo you can even have your meals delivered straight to your gazebo. Moreover Waterbom Bali provides three different types of stylish Gazebos, each with their respective prices: Regular Gazebo, Family Gazebo, and Private Family Gazebo.
Towel Rental
Towel service is an added convenience for guest who don’t want to drag damp towels home. For an additional fee, we will provide you with clean, fresh towels to use during your day in the park. Then, you can leave the towels to us, and get your deposit back. Towel service is available at Locker Counter.
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