Where can I buy tickets to Waterbom Bali?

It can be booked online via Waterbom Bali website, or offline at our ticketing counter in the park.

What method of payments are accepted?

You may use cash and credit or debit cards.

Can I buy tickets on the day of my visit?

In normal period, you may purchase tickets on the day of your visit from our website or at our ticketing counter. In high season period you have to book one day prior from our website. Please note purchasing tickets from our ticketing counter on the day will be subject to availability and can be busy during peak periods.

Can I enter the park on the day of my visit during high season?

In high season period, Waterbom Bali may reach maximum capacity and might temporarily close the park to ensure all guests have a great experience. To guarantee entry on your preferred day go to, the simplest and best value way to buy your tickets.

Why is there a discrepancy in ticket prices bought online and on-site?

This could be due to promotions exclusive to online purchases only.

Are there packages that include food and beverages or activities at Waterbom Bali?

Yes, please find out more under the “TICKETS & PRICING” page on our website,

Are there extra charges for any of the activities or services inside Waterbom Bali?

All slides and access to Entire Park are included in your admission ticket with the exception of activities and services. Towel Hire, Lockers, Euro Bungy, Water Blaster, FlowRider, Photos, Spa Facilities and Gazebo Rental charged separately.

Are tickets refundable?

We regret that tickets sold are non-refundable under any circumstances.

Can I book a gazebo in advance?

Gazebo can only be booked in advance via online from along with the ticket purchase. Gazebo hire charges are non-refundable and valid for selected visit day only.

Can I re-enter Waterbom Bali after leaving?

Your admission ticket is valid for an entire day. If you wish to leave the Park and return later the same day, please have a pass-out at the exit. Pass-out must be presented for re-entry.

May I change the date of my Waterbom Bali ticket(s)?

Please contact the Waterbom Bali Customer Service at or call at +62 361 755676 for assistance.

If I do not use the facilities, is there a special rate for me?

All of Waterbom Bali guests need admission ticket to enter the park. Waterbom Bali not only offer rides and attractions. We are boutique Water Park committed to treat the same to all of our guests with excellent service. We also offer a beautiful garden and a wide selection of food that providing all guests with the extra attention that it takes to create great tasting meals and customer satisfaction.

Are there facilities for the handicapped?

At Waterbom Bali we strive to create an environment that is accessible to everyone, including guests with disabilities. Guest safety is our main concern, for guests with disabilities or have injury please visit Guest Relation Counter in the lobby for further assistance.

What are Waterbom Bali opening hours?

We are open start from 9 AM – 6 PM and closed only on Seclusion Day (Balinese Day of Silence).

When is the best time to visit Waterbom Bali?

With rides and attractions open all year round, it is always a great time to visit Waterbom Bali. If you want to visit when the number guests fairly low, plan to visit at the weekend during February through April or October through November. The benefit of visiting Waterbom Bali when the number of guests is low is the waiting times are shorter.

What attractions are suitable for my child?

Waterbom Bali has attractions suitable for children of all ages. Information indicating any rules and restrictions for each attraction can be found beside each attraction in the Waterbom Bali parks. Young children can enjoy a fun-time at Funtastic, water cannons, slides, wheels, ropes and our giant dump buckets will keep them entertained for hours. Children under 6 years old must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.

What should I wear to Waterbom Bali?

For the best experience, you are advised to wear comfortable swimsuits or shorts with spandex material. Guests riding the waterslides are not permitted to wear swimsuits or shorts with metal decorations including metal zips or drain holes on board shorts, loose clothing and eyewear, these items can damage the slides or are potential snagging hazards.

Where should I go if my child gets hurt or needs medical treatment?

In emergencies, please contact our lifeguard or staff member straight away. You can find our First Aid near Wantilan food court. Please ask any staff member for assistance with directions.

I have limited internet access. Is Wi-Fi available in the Waterbom Bali Park?

Yes, you can access our Wi-Fi at lobby and restaurant areas.

How do I make a transactions inside the park?

For guest convenience and safety we apply cashless payment system inside the park. A wristband called "Splash Band" will store credit information to be scanned whenever guest makes any transaction. You can deposit your money into the Splash Band and if you did not spend all of the credit, we will simply refund you on your way out.

Are there lockers available for rent?

For your convenience and safety, lockers are provided to protect your valuables. With both regular and family size options we have your storage needs covered and with three locker locations around the park you won't have to be walking all over the park if you need to access anything.

Are towels provided?

Towels are available at each of the three locker hire areas.

Are there shower facilities in the park?

Shower are available at Main Locker Area, Kiddy Area and Tropical Area. Please ask any staff member for assistance with directions.

Are there photography services inside the park?

Waterbom Bali with DEI are committed to capturing guests’ memorable experiences and providing high quality image. Enjoy your time at Waterbom Bali where professional photographers capture your memories at no cost at all. All your photos will be scanned onto a barcoded wrist-band every time your photos are taken. These barcoded wrist-bands are provided at no additional cost and need to be returned prior to exit. There is no obligation. If you choose to purchase any photo memorabilia, we offer a wide range of products, from simple prints to photo key chains, magnets, album or even premium leather folder.

What types of restaurants are in the Waterbom Bali Park?

Waterbom Bali has four restaurants and three bars off all specialties and wide selection of food. Waterbom Bali with M&M Concepts are committed to provide quality comfort food, fresh seasonal produce, responsibly sourced and made daily, by hand from scratch.

Are the vegetarian and vegan options available in the park?

Yes, we have some options for vegetarians, vegans, and special diet. Waterbom Bali designed their menu to provide quality comfort food with something for everyone, though with the volume and variety, Waterbom Bali is not able to entirely specialize in any given food type. If you have a unique requirement that’s not available on their menu, do let them know prior to your arrival and they would be happy to assist in any way they can.

Where can I find Halal food in the park?

We have pork free zone are at Wantilan food court.

Are there age, height, weight or any restrictions for the slides in the park?

Yes, please find out more under the “RIDES & ATTRACTIONS” page on our website, For safety reasons, pregnant women and persons with heart conditions or back trouble should not riding on slides.

Can I bring in outside food and drinks into the park?

Outside food and drinks are not allowed to bring into Waterbom Bali Park. Only mineral water bottles are allowed to be brought in, maximum 1 bottle per person.

Where can I store my outside food and drinks?

You can store your outside food and drinks at our Guest Relation Counter in the lobby.

Am I allowed to take photographs within the park?

Generally you’re allowed to take photo or video in the garden, pool and any open area in the park, however on the slide you can only shoot on the following slides: Boomerang, Green Vipers Open, and Fast n’ Fierce. Please note that productions cameras and drones are not allowed inside the park. For shooting or commercial purpose please email or call at +62 361 755676.

Can I smoke inside park?

For the comfort of all Guests, smoking is permitted only in designated smoking areas. Please ask any staff member for assistance with directions.