Waterbom Bali Officially Carbon Neutral

A core mission of Waterbom Bali has been to reduce their environmental footprint.

Following years of consistently working to implement initiatives to improve the sustainability of the operations, Waterbom are now proud to announce they are the first tourism operations in Bali to officially become carbon neutral.

Over the past 18 months, Waterbom has worked closely with environmental consulting group Mantra to quantify improvements that can be made to reduce their carbon footprint and the impact of the operations on the local environment.

With a focus on the key areas of water conservation, energy and waste reduction, robust and sustainable improvements have been implemented across the business.

Waterbom are now taking responsibility for both their direct and indirect contribution to carbon emissions.

Global climate change is one of the most severe threats facing planet. The primary cause of this being the production of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide generated from human activity.

The UN Paris Climate Agreement recommended carbon offsetting as a key tool to fight this.

Using the guidelines from the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, an initiative facilitated by the World Resource Institute and World Business Council For Sustainable Development, the emissions of Waterbom's activities have been measured and quantified including:

  • Direct Emissions resulting from activities in our control such as burning fuels in the kitchens, wastewater treatment and transport.

  • Indirect Emissions that are outside our control such as electricity purchased.

  • Other Indirect Emissions outside our control including employee commuting and waste generated that is sent to recycling or landfill.

Following a full audit and assessment of the total carbon emissions, Waterbom has invested in a Certified Emissions Reduction Project approved by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Waterbom's investment is going direct to the Jorethang Loop Hydroelectric Project in Sikkim, India.

This project will produce emission free energy production that will displace the use of energy derived from non-renewable fossil fuels in the area.

There will be the added benefit in the area of the project with the development of 24.7ha of greenbelt around the reservoir to reduce soil erosion.

Waterbom is committed to having a greater positive impact here in Bali.

As well as being a key fundraising partner for the Bali Water Project over the past 18 months, Waterbom is currently making direct investment into local initiatives that will begin shortly.

More information on the project can be found here.


More information on Mantra can be found here.